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The Executive Committee

Roles and missions of the Executive Committee


[jwplayer image="http://annual-report.capgemini.com/2011/en/wp-content/videos/RA11-Gouvernance-ComEx_EN.mp4.jpg" file="http://annual-report.capgemini.com/2011/en/wp-content/videos/RA11-Gouvernance-ComEx_EN.mp4"]


The role of the Executive Committee is to assist the Group Directors in defining the major strategies to be submitted to the Board of Directors and to take all decisions related to improving Group performance.
With that aim in mind, it determines all necessary actions and priorities, coordinates policy execution and monitors its effectiveness. It also evaluates the performance of managers and prepares succession plans for key responsibilities. Composed of 14 members, the Committee meets at least once a month and engages in regular conference calls.

It is shown here as at April 1st, 2012.


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