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The Board of Directors

Consisting in thirteen voting members, two non-voting members, two statutory auditors and one Board secretary, the Board of Directors represents Capgemini shareholders




Elected by the shareholders, the Board of Directors has as its principal role to determine the key strategies of Cap Gemini S.A. and its subsidiaries. It ensures that these strategies are carried out, validates the Group’s legal and operating structure and all major appointments and, in general terms, it deals with all questions concerning the smooth functioning of the Company. In 2011, the Board met eight times, with an average attendance rate of 88%, which included a two-day seminar devoted to the Group’s strategy.

The work of the Board of Directors is drawn up by four specialist committees (Audit, Selection and Compensation, Ethics and Governance, Strategy and Investments) which overall met 18 times in 2011.

The Board of Directors is shown here as at April 1, 2012


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