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Networkbased collaboration and learning is one of the most interesting developments of the Internet age. It is compelling to the modern business not just for its methods, tools, or approaches, but for the output it generates. For Capgemini, networked learning is a process for innovating and driving new ideas across the Group and to its clients.

Since its creation in the early 1980s, the Capgemini University has become the emotional heart of the company. It is the place where people from all over the world go to develop their skills, network with colleagues, partners and clients, and build the strong, lasting connections to each other and to their company that give Capgemini its distinctive, truly international culture.

But the University is not restricted to members of the Group. It is not just a center for permanent networking within the company but also a catalyst for better collaboration between the Group and its clients and business partners.

In its permanent home at Les Fontaines, north of Paris, since 2003, the University has welcomed both employees and clients eager to exchange ideas and work together on joint business activities.

These developments help make the University an increasingly important asset for a company that sees collaborative working as a key differentiator in the marketplace.

Key activities for 2004 included:

Networked Training

From its inception, Capgemini University has focused on the concept of network-based learning, which marries the classroom experience with specific methods and tools. This makes it possible to maximize the benefits of the University’s own facilities while ensuring that learning is continuous and not confined only to the classroom.

In 2004, the University expanded the possibilities of networked learning through a new initiative: Business Priority Weeks. These broader onsite networking sessions bring together sales and delivery professionals with management to build capabilities and focus on issues critical to the Group’s success. Participants leave at the end of the week having learned new skills, while also having practical actions to implement.

Client collaboration

In 2004, Capgemini University continued to expand its business learning services for external clients, providing educational and communication support to customers in a diverse range of industries. Throughout the year, the team centered around Les Fontaines worked across industries, issues and geographies to create effective solutions that have earned the respect and support of users.

The approach taken at the University differs from the available alternatives in a number of significant ways. Services focused on delivering measurable business results are combined with activities based on personal development, seamlessly linking “hard” and “soft” skills.

To support this very different, highly effective model of learning and communication, Les Fontaines has developed a virtual faculty of senior business practitioners and external specialists, based all over the world but permanently in contact through the network. This team includes contributors from leading universities on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as authors, innovators and business thinkers from a total of 16 different countries.

The meeting place

One of the greatest advantages offered by Capgemini University is its outstanding location as a venue for events and as a remarkable meeting place. Last year, more than 70 international businesses chose the site to help connect, mobilize, collaborate, inform, train and engage audiences at leadership seminars, training and development programs, kickoff and shareholder meetings, teambuilding activities and corporate change events.

Capgemini’s business is becoming increasingly focused on collaborative working that delivers fast and measurable business benefits to all.

The role of Capgemini University in facilitating joint working, in driving better personal development, in enabling creative collaboration at all levels can only become more important and a greater source of competitive advantage.

Les Fontaines: yesterday

Les Fontaines has been a wellknown beauty spot for 200 years. Designed in the late 18th century by the renowned French architect Louis Martin Berthault, the site was originally an extensive garden with just a few architectural flourishes. A century later, the property was purchased by the Baron James Nathan de Rothschild, who added the impressive château. Ownership remained in the Rothschild family until the 1950s, when the estate was taken over by a Jesuit order and converted into a respected cultural and educational center. Capgemini took possession in 1998, with the vision of constructing a new international business and training facility. The new site, which combines a strong architectural personality with respect for the rich surrounding countryside, was “delivered” to the Group at the end of 2002.

... and today

Les Fontaines is now the permanent home of Capgemini University, which has been growing in stature since its inauguration, pioneering new learning tools and programs and bringing intellectual concepts to life. 2004 was an especially productive year: The University was instrumental in helping to launch initiatives like the Collaborative Business Experience and “Rightshore”™; in piloting new learning events such as “Business Priority Weeks”; and in creating innovative master classes with the Group’s Alliance partners. The University also became more international, welcoming both facilitators and participants from distant countries such as Australia, Canada, the U.S., China and India, while assisting other countries with the development of their own learning programs. It was a record year for the University and the momentum will certainly continue.

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