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In a win-win relationship

For six years now, Sogeti-Transiciel has been providing PSA Peugeot CitroŽn with the tools and services to enable them to improve their systems operations, as well as the electrical and electronic components in their top-line cars. The key reasons for this choice of service provider: the precious time gained in going to market, and a noticeable improvement in quality.

The Research and Design department of PSA Peugeot CitroŽn is committed to technically improving the electrical, electronic and embedded software systems in their new top-line vehicles (the 407, 607, C5 and C6, among others). “We were looking for skills in these areas at our plant in Vťlizy and at our production center in Rennes,” recalls Eric Dorel, in charge of electrical-electronic architecture of the top-line automobiles. “In 1999, we called on Sogeti-Transiciel.”

An incredible give and take

Throughout the entire launch phase of the C5, Sogeti- Transiciel was assigned to represent the Research department at the Rennes production site.

During this time, the department was employing local engineers to work on the electrical/electronic architecture of the 407. “This method of cross-fertilization resulted in spectacular advances,” continues Dorel. “But it was still necessary for everyone to work with the same tools for research, validation, diagnosis, and to refine the network architecture and the embedded systems.” Because this was not the case, Dorel decided to commission Sogeti-Transiciel’s electronic laboratory in Rennes to design and develop a common diagnostic tool. “There was an incredible technical give and take between our Research & Design team and Sogeti- Transiciel’s. The project was one-hundred percent successful.”

As a result, the solution known as “Diamux” is now deployed across the PSA Group and its suppliers, while Sogeti-Transiciel is continuing its mission, taking charge of training the user teams and working on the various versions of the product.

Four Controlled Area Network multiplexes

The 407 represents a change for the PSA Peugeot CitroŽn Group: the implementation of a multiplex electrical/ electronic architecture with several standard CANs (Controlled Area Networks). “We needed a parametric register, which would work on four networks simultaneously, based on observable incidents, and to ‘differentiate’ these registrations with regard to each component, system or sub-system,” says Dorel. Here, too, Sogeti- Transiciel was able to answer the call by proposing “Transmux,” the “right” solution to this complex technical requirement.

As a good industrialist, Dorel is currently making a practical assessment of how this tool, and the services linked to it, are being used. “On the 407 pre-series, we gained about three months, which is a huge advantage!”

The win-win approach

Coming back to the collaboration with Sogeti- Transiciel, Dorel concludes: “With growing confidence, we are moving beyond a strictly contractual relationship. We are working in and encouraging a win-win approach... and with the 407, this formula has once again proven its merits.” All of which bodes very well for the C6.

Written in collaboration with:

…ric Dorel
Head of electricalelectronic architecture of top-line cars PSA Peugeot CitroŽn Group

Michel Guillotin
Account Manager Sogeti-Transiciel

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