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Client success stories

Managing complexity

In 2004, the City of Minneapolis Police Department and Sogeti teamed up to create an innovative solution for time management, with potential applications elsewhere in the United States and abroad, leading to long-term benefits for the Minneapolis PD itself.

Time management is a key element in ensuring the right level of policing cover, while also reducing the cost burden to the community. Yet managing police officers’ time is a complex issue. Not only are there variations in contract terms, in shift lengths and in the use of overtime (with 24/7 coverage being mandatory), there is also the need to deal with a whole range of planned and unplanned events - from state visits to problems caused by criminal activity.

In Minneapolis, the department had long wished to introduce a real time scheduling system but found that no leading software possessed the functionality needed for the highly complex needs of big city policing.

Eventually, the police department itself, led by serving lieutenants Phil Hafvenstein and Jody Nelson, supported by systems expert Bert Sletten, developed an application with the functionality they needed and put it into practice. The result has been a 5 million USD (e3.7 million) cost saving in unnecessary overtime between 1998 and 2003, with a reduction in training overtime of 97 percent in the same period.

Building on success

The story doesn’t end there. Hennepin County, in which Minneapolis resides, was looking for a timekeeping solution to meet the needs of their own Sheriff’s Office. That is where the need for collaboration really became clear. To make this vital application usable by all relevant services (police, fire, ambulance), it was necessary to move it onto a standards-based, web-enabled platform. To do this the city needed a true technology partner, and selected Sogeti USA to be that partner at the end of 2003.
Sogeti has worked closely with the Minneapolis PD to transform the original application into WORKFORCE DIRECTOR™(*), a web-enabled solution based on Microsoft components, suitable for reuse virtually anywhere. Sogeti now collaborates closely with the Minneapolis PD in taking the solution to other cities and agencies, adapting it for their needs and returning a share of the profit back to the city.

Sharing the benefits

As Phil Hafvenstein says: “The application is provided free of charge to users in law enforcement, in line with Federal regulations. Our goal is sustainable technology, so we wanted to make sure that a steady revenue stream came back to the city to fund further development and improvements. The partnership with Sogeti, which enables us to earn fee income from implementation and customization charges, is key to making this happen.”

And collaboration goes beyond commercial interest. John Broghammer, Sogeti’s account manager, explains how: “This partnership is about building up a growing community of users, all feeding back their own ideas and experiences for everyone’s benefit.”

A partnership based on complementary strengths, active marketing and growing collaboration, benefiting local citizens: an ideal that is now becoming reality.

(*) WORKFORCE DIRECTOR™ is owned and copyrighted by the City of Minneapolis, MN USA

Written in collaboration with:

Phil Hafvenstein
Manager Intellectual Property Initiatives Minneapolis Police Department

John Broghammer
Account Manager Sogeti USA

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