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Modernization on a fast track

A short-term project with a broad scope, multiple services, and a one-stage implementation under very tight deadlines: this Enterprise Resource Planning project for IFP owes its success in large part to a keen understanding of the client’s needs and to a thoroughly transparent and collaborative project management approach.

The IFP has been running successful projects for 40 years, mainly Research & Development programs dealing with industry-related technical areas such as the byproducts of hydrocarbons, their substitutes, and their impact on the environment.

But implementing an ERP solution to handle finance, purchasing, project management and human resources in one go, based on 16 functional models, is hardly an everyday occurrence.

“It is also our first project to involve such a broad crosssection of our management and, equally important, one which impacts more than 1,800 users,” says IFP Deputy General Manager Georges Picard.

In-depth changes

Why is the IFP going through this modernization process? First, because of the change in its tax status, from a public to a private company; second, the need to upgrade an IT legacy system that has grown outdated, with heterogeneous platforms operating on incompatible, uncommunicative applications. “This project represents a profound change for us at many levels,” confirms Picard. “We are breaking down the barriers between departments, modifying our procedures, changing our technology.”

Cooperation and openness

Capgemini was first awarded the project management phase of the agreement in a competitive bid. “The difference, continues Picard, was the quality of their response, their knowledge of the solution, the competencies of their teams. We also insisted on very tight time frames and here, too, Capgemini knew how to respond; what structures and tools to put in place.”

A firm contractual basis was established right from the start, detailing how the teams would work together, the required conditions for assistance and skill transfer, the methods and recommendations for jointly managing the project. Various operating committees brought the teams together, while steering committees did the same for management - all designed to encourage cooperation between the IFP and Capgemini teams, and to create an environment favorable to arbitration, assessment and transparency.

“Leave no ambiguities, make decisions quickly and make them together, share in the objectives, and engender a real desire for achievement: That has been our recipe for success and we at IFP are very proud of it.” These concluding words by Georges Picard, as well as any, best describe this collaboration and how productive it has been.

(*) IFP : Institut Français du Pétrole

Written in collaboration with:

Georges PICARD
Deputy General Manager IFP

Account Manager Capgemini

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