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Client success stories

Gaining competitive edge

The mobile telephony market is intensely competitive and the “new frontier” is to offer customers high value services. Capgemini has helped the world’s largest mobile community, Vodafone, gain competitive advantage in the tough and crowded Spanish market, where penetration is over 90 percent.

Third generation mobile technology enables providers to offer many new services, including video, photography, music or game downloads and Internet mobile access. Data related services are providing competitive advantage to operators that can bring them to market faster than the competition.

Vodafone has the largest international footprint and aims to be the leading provider of high-value services through Vodafone live!, a unique multimedia portal, providing fast and easy access to data services from a mobile device, anywhere, anytime.

Consistency and quality worldwide

Vodafone live! includes a Java Application download capability: essential for games, digital music and other services. In late 2003, Vodafone España was looking for a partner able to implement this component on a turnkey basis, at a competitive price. They chose Capgemini because of our ability to share and reuse experience. In the year that followed, successful collaboration at many different levels enabled Capgemini to deliver the right result.

Collaboration and evolution

To make the implementation trouble free and successful in this evolving environment required collaborative working. Key implementation knowledge of the chosen technology had already been developed in the Paris Telecom ADC (Accelerated Delivery Center) and a joint Spanish and French team was set up to build on this experience. As Aimery Fustier, Director TME (Telecom, Media & Entertainment) Technology Services in Capgemini Spain tells us: “With our French colleagues bringing the knowledge of the ADC, the support of the Global Account Team, and us in Spain working closely with the client, we had the ‘dream team’ to make the project a success.”

Integration took place at all levels: skills and disciplines; transnational working within Capgemini; management of external specialists; collaboration between global account team and local delivery team. Above all, trust and mutual respect between Capgemini and Vodafone was essential. That enabled us to understand the developing vision driving evolutionary change in both service and technology as the program developed.

Cristina Álvarez, Head of Product Engineering Department in Vodafone España comments: “Capgemini has combined the specific skills required with outstanding flexibility, which has been key to the success of this complex implementation.”

Written in collaboration with:

Cristina Álvarez
Senior Manager Product Engineering Department Vodafone España

Javier Valle
Project Manager Vodafone España

Maria Teresa Oliva Garcia
Senior Account Manager Capgemini

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