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Client success stories

Transforming for growth

Aker Kvaerner Offshore Partner (AKOP) is the strongest supplier of maintenance services to offshore oil and gas producers on the Norwegian continental shelf. Yet despite steady growth, senior management felt that core performance indicators were not improving strongly, and major change was needed to compete in a rapidly evolving market.

In maturing oil and gas production areas, the key aim is to prolong the useful life of existing assets by managing operations more efficiently. To help achieve this, AKOP had to become a genuine partner in providing complete, end-to-end services.
AKOP’s main assets are the skill and professionalism of its people, together with the quality and efficiency of its processes. There could be no performance breakthrough without a strong emphasis on people development. AKOP also decided to share its clients’ vision; to act as a true partner in securing the right outcomes and be rewarded according to results.

AKOP knew that it would need expert help in transformation and turned to Capgemini because, as President Tore Sjursen says: “They understood that our need was rooted in culture and behavior change, not just re-engineering.” Capgemini was also ready to stay on board for the full two years needed for change to take root. “I have known projects fail through lack of long-term execution,” Says Mr. Sjursen. “Capgemini emphasized the importance of stamina and that was a lesson we were ready to learn.”

Mobilization and development

The project started at the beginning of 2004, with full scale mobilization across the company. Every employee went to open meetings where the management team explained the current position, including potential threats, and the future vision. “I was so proud of our people,” Comments Tore Sjursen, “because they understood the position and took an active part in making transformation happen.”
A range of clients was also convinced by the new vision from AKOP: 2004 was a highly successful year for new business, with several vital new contracts being won on the basis of shared risk and reward related to outcomes. At the end of the year, success could be clearly measured by the results. Revenue was up, sales were up, profits and margins were up and AKOP could report its best year ever.

Building on success

As Tore Sjursen concludes: “We have to be a real partner to our clients if we are to stay ahead. To do that, we had to become a different company ourselves. There will be challenges in the future but we are now in a strong position to grow, to compete successfully and to extend our operations into new markets.”
AKOP made this successful transformation happen by forming a joint team, in which Capgemini and AKOP people work side by side as colleagues following a shared vision. Working collaboratively with Capgemini helps AKOP to work with its clients in the same way. That has been a true breakthrough.

Written in collaboration with:

Tore Sjursen
President AKOP

Lars Henningsson
Principal Capgemini

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