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Mölnlycke Health Care is one of the world’s leading providers of single-use surgical and wound care solutions to the professional health care sector. The company has been on an aggressive growth track since it became independent in 1998, and has doubled in size during that time. Outsourcing has always been a key part of its business model, and Capgemini has made a significant contribution to its success.

Mölnlycke Health Care has now become a truly global company, with a significant position in most major markets. From an IT perspective around 75 percent of all key functions and resources are now outsourced, and Capgemini has been the main technology partner from the start. As Klas Bendrik, the CIO says: “We could not be where we are today without Capgemini.”

Further change is now being planned to fulfill management’s vision of Mölnlycke as a rapidly growing global leader. The business will become more agile and entrepreneurial than ever, requiring even greater flexibility within core processes and functions.

Value through innovation

Mölnlycke is changing the balance between “business as usual” and new developments. As Klas Bendrik puts it: “We need to spend less on keeping the shop open and more on innovative solutions.” Putting this more ambitious vision into practice has led to a fundamental change in the business relationship with Capgemini.

The outsourcing contract was renewed in 2004, but on a broader and far more collaborative basis. Capgemini will take more responsibility for processes, rather than technology; be rewarded on outcomes, rather than just on Service Level Agreements and will be a true global risk-sharing partner. Capgemini will also be more proactive in developing innovative new solutions as Mölnlycke continues to develop its strategy for the future.

Global presence

Capgemini’s leadership both in BPO and “Rightshore”™ has been fundamental to this new vision for the future. Though account management remains in Sweden, day to day activities are now being located in best of breed offshore centers such as Mumbai. From a single point of contact, Capgemini will now be able to deliver cost effective service support in any country where it is needed.

The collaborative approach means that Capgemini will support Mölnlycke’s growth strategy through fast integration of new assets onto common platforms. Existing processes will be continuously improved, as new technologies and methods make change possible. Collaboration also means delivering projects through joint Capgemini-Mölnlycke teams in order to transfer knowledge, build skill levels and focus skills on value creation.

As Klas Bendrik points out: “The IT function is measured on our contribution to business strategy. We have to enable fast growth and we have to support a global, 24-hour company. Capgemini is a key factor in achieving these business requirements.”

This is a step change for the Mölnlycke-Capgemini relationship: from IT support to global strategic partnership, based on deep and effective collaborative working. Expectations are high but so are the potential rewards. After five successful years, an even more successful future is in prospect.

Written in collaboration with:

Klas Bendrik
Chief Information Officer Mölnlycke Health Care

Arnold Stifors
Vice President Capgemini

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