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Group presentation

A full range of integrated services

Capgemini is one of the world’s leading consulting, information technology and outsourcing companies.

Operating in over 30 countries, Capgemini helps clients to innovate, transform themselves and become more competitive. To fulfill this mission, Capgemini possesses a vast range of capabilities and the ability to deliver them consistently. It works with clients to craft new directions, turn them into business reality and make the best use of information technology. On their behalf, it also manages their business processes and technology infrastructure. Its most precious expertise is to bring together business, technology and operational skills and so provide truly integrated services.

As a worldwide services only company, Capgemini is a people company - 59,324 people by the end of 2004. Their infinitely varied skills and competencies are grouped, besides management and support roles, into four major professions or disciplines. Each of these is specialized to respond to a specific set of client needs. It recruits, trains and develops the people it needs. It is governed by its specific economic rules and managed with its own profit and loss responsibility. Yet within the Group’s highly flexible, client-focused business approach, with its shared values, principles and management systems, all of these capabilities can be mobilized across the disciplines to deal with even the largest and most complex client situations and requirements.

The four disciplines are:

  • Consulting Services: providing management consulting capabilities designed to improve performance of client companies through in-depth knowledge of their business and processes.
  • Technology Services: planning, designing, managing, developing and integrating major information technology systems and applications.
  • Outsourcing Services covers both infrastructure and business process outsourcing (BPO): managing client processes, applications and technology.
  • Local Professional Services: providing proximity IT support and know-how.

Consulting Services and Technology Services are organized according to geography, and networked globally to share best practices and mobilize resources. Outsourcing and Local Professional Services are both global organizations, with strong local presences.

To make sure the capabilities of the disciplines meet market needs, Capgemini develops the best possible intelligence of its clients’ activities in their respective sectors. It also tailors skills and competencies to provide the right responses to their sector specific requirements.
Because client satisfaction is an overriding priority for the Group, all the services it provides are measured according to a standard known as OTACE (“On Time and Above Clients’ Expectations”).

This presentation of Capgemini’s activities covers the disciplines and gives an overview of recent market and Group developments for the main industry sectors.