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Group presentation


Capgemini’s ambition is to be a distinctive, highly competitive major player in the consulting and information services industry. The Group is large enough to be global, yet entrepreneurial enough to remain close to the clients, listening to them more closely and responding more sensitively to their evolving needs.

While delivery in the past was a matter of worldwide methods and local management, the ability to handle some service components remotely is changing the very nature of services delivery. With the “Rightshore”™ concept, work takes place where it makes best sense for quality of service, availability of skills, and costs. The Group’s director of global delivery shapes and orchestrates this new world - which represents a fundamental change of direction.

Successful services delivery goes hand in hand with successful client relationships - both objectives and traditional strengths of Capgemini. When preparing the return to the Capgemini name early last year, the Group had an outstanding opportunity to go back to these roots and build a renewed, more distinctive and compelling platform for future success. Clients and partners were asked for their views. Their responses provided two vital insights.

First, clients know that they need rapid access to a wide range of knowledge and experience. They believe that collaboration with a partner - as opposed to a simple contract with a supplier - is required for their own success.

Second, clients and partners value the way that Capgemini works with them, the quality of its people and the good relationships between their people and the Group’s people. They believe that close and fruitful collaboration is a trademark of the Group.

Based on these insights, Capgemini launched the Collaborative Business Experience, which positions the Group as the natural leader in developing closer, more effective, trust-based partnerships. Collaborative Business Experience is much more than a slogan: it is the Group’s way of life. It affirms that solid and more intimate working relationships deliver better results and enable clients to move more quickly, respond more flexibly and compete more effectively in a constantly changing business environment.

To bring this experience to a new level, new tools have been developed and new methodologies created. The Collaborative Business Experience is a long-term program for the Group, but it has already borne fruit. The advertising campaign launching it has brought new levels of awareness. Capgemini people find in it the embodiment of their beliefs. The Group’s values - honesty, boldness, trust, freedom, team spirit, modesty and fun - crafted in the early days, take on a new life, and they are extended to every aspect of the client relationship.

For Capgemini’s clients, the Collaborative Business Experience confirms and strengthens what they like in the Group. They know Capgemini people thrive when making their clients’ people more successful. Clients embrace this new level of collaboration, which Capgemini intends to strengthen in the years to come.