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Today’s enterprises find their success or failure in the value they place on their most precious resource – the quality of their people. The development of this priceless asset is the gage of a company’s competitiveness and at the heart of its capacity to grow and develop. So it is no surprise that wherever individuals express the desire to learn, create and innovate, the enterprise they belong to becomes stronger and more productive.

When Les Fontaines opened its doors at the beginning of 2003, Capgemini University took proud possession of its new facilities. Despite a slow start, brought on by difficult economic conditions and further aggravated by restrictions on travel within the Group, the University soon found its stride. Enrollment is now increasing rapidly, with the greatest interest shown for the Consulting and Technology discipline programs. More than 8,200 participants were reached via the University’s virtual and physical platforms, in addition to the local learning programs supported by each region. A shift to align all programs with the core business disciplines (Consulting, Technology, Outsourcing, along with Business Development), and complementing the general leadership development curriculum, is paying dividends in improved skill levels, new competitive capabilities, and the retention of talent.

Apart from its teaching mission, the “Group’s Home” (as Les Fontaines is often called), also played host to meetings and work sessions of Capgemini managers, project teams, international specialists and other employees brought together to participate in a number of strategic events (launch of a transformation program, mobilization projects, etc.) that enlivened the calendar all year long.

Les Fontaines also proved to be a unique and privileged destination for global companies to gather, inform, develop and mobilize their people. Highly diverse in nature, these events included management seminars, working groups, annual business conferences, new product or service launches, and strategy sessions, most often organized in collaboration with members of Capgemini.

In its capacity as a learning forum, Capgemini University actively participated in the International Summit for Learning Leaders, co-sponsored by Corporate University Xchange, The Financial Times, and IBM. This highly successful event gathered more than 80 human resources and training specialists from more than 50 companies in a dozen countries to exchange ideas and HR development perspectives.

The interest that clients have been expressing in Les Fontaines derives from the strength and dynamics of an extraordinarily unique space and an exceptional learning experience. Thus, the center has already fulfilled its mission: to build on the collaboration between the Group and its clients in the conquest of their markets.

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Les Fontaines:
training and innovation

The philosophy of Les Fontaines is to create Professional communities within the Group between experts from the same disciplines or specialties. These communities of exchange are a source of cohesion, strength and a sense of belonging, and of solving problems innovatively – designing best practices, for example. Specifically, this is achieved through:

combining skills – i.e., selecting the best adapted
training practices and models, along with the most
talented, competent experts in response to a particular
pedagogical need;

use of proprietary methodologies to create environments that support collaboration and the exchange of ideas. Through interactive forums – on site and online – communities are open to everyone who visits the center or participates in one of its programs. Les Fontaines also publishes a community e-zine, Focus, a public network for all those interested in the thoughtful exchange of ideas on culture, leadership, skill development, etc.

available facilities which, at Les Fontaines, combine large, comfortable venues for big groups, with very modular spaces for teams and meetings of all sizes, and all equipped with unparalleled technological platforms (mobility, WiFi, multimedia, and more).

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