The 4 Disciplines
A sector approach
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Capgemini is one of the world leaders in management consulting and IT services.

With more than 55,000 people (as of January 1, 2004) from 34 countries on four continents (Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific), the Capgemini Group reported 2003 revenues of more than €5.75 billion with an average workforce of 49,805.

The 4 Disciplines
For its clients, both local and international, Capgemini proposes a complete range of services organized around four disciplines:

• Consulting (transformation/process)
The mission of Consulting Services is to contribute to the business transformation and economic performance improvement of organizations, based on in-depth knowledge of their industries and processes.

• Technology (architecture/systems integration/

These services call upon the ability and expertise to design and integrate technological solutions, exploit innovation, and transform the technical environment. They are closely allied with consulting services in such cases where upgrading and transforming IT systems are directly tied to the clients’ organizational and strategic priorities.

• Outsourcing (IT systems and business process

This activity involves taking charge of all or part of the management of a client’s IT resources. Capgemini has developed a range of services which call for expertise in IT systems management, business process management and pricing flexibility to maximize the cost/performance ratio.

• Local Professional Services
These services – made available in the closest possible proximity to the local technology officers of large organizations – are aimed at supporting the internal capabilities of IT departments by proposing the best experts to exercise their skills in the shortest possible time frames.

2003 revenue breakdown among these four disciplines is as follows:

An organization around 5 large operational units
In order to make the most of Capgemini’s consulting and technology resources, and especially to enable the smaller countries to benefit from the expertise and support of the larger ones, Capgemini is now organized around 5 large Strategic Business Units or SBUs:

• 3 geographical units
    - North America
    - Northern Europe and Asia-Pacific
    - Central and Southern Europe
• a European Outsourcing unit
• a unit devoted to Local Professional Services (Sogeti / Transiciel).

To take further advantage of Capgemini’s consulting and technology resources, the Group has developed the concept of “Rightshoring.” What this means is that based on the very diverse needs and requirements of its clients, a combination of delivery methods – on shore, near shore and offshore – may be proposed that will optimize risks, time scales, costs and production. Aimed at improving its project capabilities and outsourcing its IT resources, this “industrial” approach relies on a network of worldwide centers which employ identical tools and methods.

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