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In these erratic times of constantly changing markets, when basic business values have taken on a greater importance than ever before, Capgemini set out to question its clients – large and small – and listen to what they had to say about their expectations from their consulting and service partners. They were also asked what they considered Capgemini’s strong points in relation to its competitors.

Quality performance and client relationships
In the eyes of these clients, what differentiates Capgemini is the quality of the work it performs, combined with the quality of the working relationships and the spirit of collaboration that it establishes with the client. This is a unique and precious commodity because it stems from a long-standing value ingrained in the cultural DNA of the Group.

Clients today are much more aware that in just a few months their expectations may change both in terms of the services they want and the benefits they expect. Consequently, the depth of the relationship with the client, as well the nature of the engagement being carried out, have become powerful levers in determining the successful outcome of a project and the client’s satisfaction with the results.

A concept, a brand, a mutual commitment
It was in the process of formalizing this research and taking it to the next level – i.e., standardizing the output – that Capgemini created the Collaborative Business Experience, a way of working with clients based on cooperation and exchange. This agreement defines the client/supplier relationship around four basic points:

Targeting the objectives, together and in advance, that the client wants to achieve. Values, data, metrics, evaluation procedures are decided in tandem.

Identifying and evaluating the risks inherent in the project must be accomplished in advance of the collaboration. Designing action plans for mitigating these risks, involving both client and supplier, are specified in the agreement.

Optimizing the capabilities of the client teams helps stabilize implementation of the solution and maximize its benefits once the project is completed. Methods and types of knowledge and skill transfer between the two parties are designated in the agreement.

• Aligning the whole client organization and its technological infrastructure around a strategic project serves to unite and coordinate all employees around a common cause: i.e., a successful outcome.

This partnership agreement is modular in design, with clients signing on to one or more of the four possible commitments, according to their priorities. For Capgemini, the desire to fine tune its client relationships remains, in all cases, a full and total commitment.

Publicizing the Collaborative Business Experience
Capgemini is eager to assert its position and its ambitions in the marketplace; to create the right conditions for promoting its reputation and brand in a manner favorable to the development of its core disciplines; and to invite its clients to enter into the Collaborative Business Experience. These are the goals of an advertising campaign which, from April to December 2004, will display the Capgemini colors all over the world.

The campaign will kick off with a TV spot, to be followed by poster displays, then advertisements in the print media. Capgemini will express its brand positioning through a series of real-life, very special stories, recounting that behind every success lies a “Collaborative Business Experience,” the experience of genuine cooperation.

A far cry from the self-promotion of traditional ad campaigns, the first personalities chosen by Capgemini to exemplify this message are more often than not in the shadows – however indispensable they are to the success of the people with whom they have been working for years: Darren Cahill, Andre Agassi’s tennis coach, has turned a champion into a universal legend; Tony Visconti, David Bowie’s sound engineer and producer, has helped create a mythical musical reference recognized the world over.

Filmed during their relaxed moments – when the intensity of the work gives way to some quiet time; a time when they draw the energy needed to do their jobs effectively – they share with the viewer the essence of these very special relationships.

All this accords very well with the values that drive Capgemini and its teams, with the deepest expectations of its clients, and with the need the Group has to express what it does in just the right way. That’s what Capgemini calls the Collaborative Business Experience.

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