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The Capgemini Group is a diverse community of people playing an integral part in societies around the world. A key component of the company’s corporate mission is to be considered as a respected and welcome member of the community, while providing a positive environment in which its own people can develop and feel at home. To attain this goal, the Group is focusing on three priorities: its people; its clients and the overall environment.

Capgemini people and values
As a service company, Capgemini’s business is its people.
From its earliest years, these people have shared a set of values that are put into practice and lived on a daily basis, thus becoming an integral part of the Group’s corporate culture.

At Capgemini, the role of the employee within the company
and the community is the mission of a corporate function
known as “People Relationship Management,” whose priorities include: employment rights and conditions, career
development, and training – based on a variety of channels, from Capgemini’s new University to online and local courses. In 2003, the Group delivered about 3.91 training days per employee, while 2,285 people earned high-level certification to internationally recognized standards.

Capgemini and its clients

Client satisfaction is a key priority and Capgemini measures all engagements according to a yardstick called OTACE: On Time and Above Client Expectations. On this basis, Capgemini is one of the highest performing companies in its industry.

To underscore its respect for environmentally responsible and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) business practices, Capgemini now actively promotes and offers sustainability services to its clients (through its “Becoming Sustainable” offering). Increasing numbers of clients have worked with the Group over the past year to achieve measurable improvements in their environmental performance. They include:

BP Marine – which worked with Capgemini to promote shipping emissions trading to support the improvement of European air quality;

Société Générale – a leading French bank, which is currently focusing on how sustainable development can improve environmental and business performance;

And with a world leader in construction materials, Capgemini is developing a program for training most of the client company’s managers in sustainable development techniques.

Corporate Citizenship

Capgemini places fairness and respect for law at the heart of its supplier relationships. The company also gives priority in certain areas to smaller-scale, locally-based suppliers to improve the Group’s economic contribution to the communities in which it works.

Capgemini is systematically reducing the environmental impact of its activities, with the aim of extending best practice as widely as possible in the years ahead.

Capgemini encourages employees to give their own time, energy and creativity to the communities in which they live. To date, Group companies in the U.K. and U.S. have scored highest in money-raising and charitable donations and activities that include voluntary work with children and the homeless.

Sustainable development is a wide-ranging concept that may mean everything from being a responsible member of the local community to taking an active role in reducing the negative impact of industrial conditions on the environment. All of these positive outcomes derive from the same, value-based attitudes. They grow out of a deep sense of responsibility and respect – for employees, clients and society – combined with a determination to help reinvest in the future.

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